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The company

Company profile

IDROSOLUTION is a company specialized in the services of management, treatment and purification of process and waste water from civil and industrial activities.   operates in the market with a view to the protection of water resources by creating the conditions for the efficiency and effectiveness of the depurative systems of companies and in the daily use of water, with technical skills that allow to offer a wide range of services and solutions for water treatment plants. the company is also a service partner of world leading brands of electric pumps, submerged, for deep wells, centrifuges, submersible for sewage and other uses.   the many years of experience acquired in electromechanical constructions and the continuous evolution of the organizational and productive structure, allow the technical staff to design, manage and dimension each plant according to the specific needs, guaranteeing the maximum result in the realization of integrated solutions for the correct and effective control of the integrated water cycle in respect of the environmental sustainability.   thanks to this experience, our company can offer the best solution to any type of request, providing complete plants, individual components, design, management, maintenance and consultancy.   sustainable development and environmental quality sustainability in the use of water, together with food and energy security, are the most current issues of policies and interventions for the promotion of environmental development. modern society is now called upon to face challenges that pose the theme of water at the centre of its arguments, both because of problems related to pollution and to the maintenance of an acceptable quantitative and qualitative level. guaranteeing access to water means first of all guaranteeing welfare and social dignity to every man on earth, but each of us is called to the duty to preserve and safeguard such a precious and inevitably scarce resource. a new ethical sensibility for water puts us in front of choices and new lifestyles that allow the sustainable management of this precious resource, putting in place all the strategies that allow us not to depauperarne the quality, in addition to ensuring a management that minimizes the “wastes”, sometimes very important also for the lack of maintenance the reuse of water and waste treatment are therefore the policy and the main objective of our company. the improvement of wastewater treatment, the increasing reuse of water and the recovery of useful by-products support the transition to a circular economy, which helps to reduce the amount of water collected and reduces losses in the systems of production and during economic activities with these objectives idrosolution s.r.l. it engages in its business, providing human resources, instrumental, and economical, suitable to pursue the objectives of improvement of: water saving rain collection recovery grey water reuse purified and nourishing water

The certifications

IDROSOLUTION has a system quality management according to uni en iso 9001:2015 certified for the design, construction, installation, conduction and maintenance of water treatment plants.

quality management system complying with iso 9001:2015, assessed according to the requirements of the technical regulation rt-05.this certification is for the following purpose: maintenance of water lifting systems. iaf 28 See certificate

Certificate of certification grundfos scope of inspection carried out by bureau veritas in accordance with the service policies and in reference to: gp000001 authorization process for the control partner service; gp000002 permission for the control partner service. service partner authorization level reached: bronze see cerificate

Our work

Here you can see a gallery of some of our work done, of our equipment and of the projects under construction.

  • First rain
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Water Purification
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Primary waters
  • Process waters
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Rent
  • Service partners

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We follow our customers in the realization of the project, making available to our professionals and the decennalle experience in the field.

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